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Not only does this venue speak for itself with its outstanding beauty. But the people who run it are a true testament to God's work and love. I was fortunate enough to get married in this gorgeous place and was able to make a life long friend. Angie made sure everything I needed was fulfilled. She even came by the morning of the see me and my daughter as we got ready. To see her have tears in her eyes as she seen us and hugged us, made me realize how much she genuinely cares, and how much heart and souls she puts in her work. What business owner does that? I had not met this family until the day we walked into the Barn for a tour. After that meeting, I gained a venue and a friend. Through all the wedding planning Angie and her devoted team answered all my questions, helped me in any way possible, shoot she even gave me life advice one day when I wrote her overwhelmed. This business was more than a business to us. It was a true experience. I am so unbelievably blessed to have chosen to get married here. I couldn't recommend this place enough. There's so much love here, so much heart that the Prickel Barn incorporates in everything they do. If you're looking for a place to get married, please consider this. Because I would be willing to bet, once you tour the barn and meet the loving team, you will feel right at home. Just meet them, take a tour, consider getting more than a venue. Get an experience that will mean the world to you on your big day. Thank you again Angie for all the love you showed my family. Thank you for giving the world a beautiful venue and a wonderfully crafted experience.
Maranda J